About Us

Welcome to John Hardon Institute!

Our Mission

The mission of John Hardon Institute is to assist home educators and empower home students. This is made possible by our first-class standard of education, which adheres to truth, understanding, and timeless classical principles.

JHI is a Roman Catholic institution, and everything we do corresponds to the principles of our Faith.

For the students:

  • Grow in intellect
  • Develop strong moral character
  • Achieve awareness and ability to discover vocation, purpose, and fulfillment in life
  • Discover truth, and spread that truth to others

For the educators:

  • Assistance and advice in all areas of education
  • Quality content fine-tuned for usability and ease of access
  • Support and counsel from professional educators
  • Lesson plans, schedules, and more

JHI offers a staff of knowledgeable and supportive advisors and educators with more than 40 years of home education experience. Our regular staff members, writers, and counselors are dedicated professionals with advanced degrees in their fields. All of our methods, advice, and content is based on tried-and-true systems. Here at JHI, we strive to make quality home education a reality for all households.

Faculty and Staff

JHI was founded by Galilee Buerger, BA, MMF, and Martin Buerger, STM. They are married and currently live in Los Angeles county. All of the faculty of JHI are gifted teachers, each holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

John Hardon

Father John A. Hardon SJ was a prolific writer, master theologian, and dedicated Catholic priest. Throughout his many decades of teaching Fr. Hardon encouraged education, specifically lauding the role of the family and home education.

JHI hopes to carry on this encouragement, bringing more and more people into the fullness of truth through quality education. As Father Hardon once said, “Home schooling is not only valuable or useful, but it is absolutely necessary for the survival of the Catholic church in our country.”