You Should Be Homeschooling

You Should Be Homeschooling

I recently spent some time talking to a young mother on the subject of parenting.  As the conversation went along, we got to the subject of parents feeling capable of being parents.  That ever elusive “ready to have kids”, the moment when you know for sure that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing.

Sorry to disappoint, but that feeling catches up to most parents around the same time they’re child is catching a falling graduation cap.  For most parents, feeling secure in decisions and knowing they’re doing the right thing–it’s a little hard to come by.

The mother I was speaking to, in between bites of berries and cream, told me that in her experience most parents felt they just couldn’t do it.  They needed community centers with mommy-and-me play dates and daddy-and-me bonding time. They needed online forums and chat rooms. They needed guidance, and they’ll take it in any shape or form it comes in, as long as it sounds like it will make the whole parenting business maybe just a little bit… easier.

It’s exactly this need for help that makes school so appealing.  The sigh of relief and the mumbled, “at least the kid will learn to read, so that’s taken care of!” as junior waves goodbye from the back of a dingy yellow bus.  A parent can only be thankful for one less item on their to-do list.

But, there is a catch. Trusting the modern education system is a big no-no.

Time and time again we’ve seen news reports that students can’t read at their grade level.  Over and over we see parent’s facebook posts about the overwhelming amount of homework their child comes home with each night.  It used to shock us when we’d read the headline “teacher arrested for inappropriate romp with underage student!” Still, the high school graduates being pumped out of schools are unable to read, spell with anything other than emojis, think on their feet, cook, pay taxes, change tires, etc.  The school system hands out diplomas that mean nothing–except, of course, that there is a chance of getting a reasonably passing score on the SAT.  Passing standardized tests is the main goal of the education system. Finally, as a lovely cherry on top of this mess–the drug use, underage sex and pregnancy, school drop out, suicide, and just about every other horrible thing you can imagine–it’s not going away, it’s getting worse. And it’s not just in highschool anymore,either.

Parent’s can’t rest easy anymore. Putting junior on that dingy yellow bus every  morning is the social, psychological, developmental, and emotional equivalent of tossing junior into a pit of poisonous snakes with a bic lighter and some lunch money.

When you signed on to be a parent, you took on the challenge of making another human being from scratch.  Your intentions were simple: make a person better than  yourself.  That’s what every parent wants in the end.

So why settle for a failed system?  Why toss in the towel from day one?  Education is not a negotiable area.  It’s necessary and you only get one shot at it.

The internet exists, the resources are there. (Congratulations on finding JHI, you’re on the right track!)  There have been success stories begin with parents who didn’t even finish high school, and end with children holding master’s degrees.

Even the tightest schedule, the toughest situation, and the most difficult student can all be successful.  All it takes is the will to try and keep going.

Sacrifices will have to be made.  But the reward outweighs the investment.  Your children deserve the best–and that best is you.  No one knows your child like you do.  Your child is unique, individual, and highly impressionable.  You get to make that impression, and it will last a lifetime.

Don’t think the future of your children is out of your hands. Don’t just keep fingers-crossed and hope for the best.

So, whether you invest in a curriculum,  or just play cards and tic-tac-toe all day, rest assured you’re doing the right thing.

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